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Job Market Candidates

2018. 02. Ph. D. job market candidates

NameFields of InterestTitle of Job Market PaperAdvisorE-mail
Choi Jeonghun (최정훈)Macroeconomics, International FinanceEmerging Market Central Banks' Policy AnalysisSoyoung Kim (김소영)
Kim Seong Hee (김성희)Social Capital, Institutional Economics, Applied MicroeconomicsThe Effect of Migration on Trust : Individual- and Country-Level AnalysesByung-Yeon Kim (김병연)
Shin Hochul (신호철)Economic Growth, Inequality, Institutional Economics, Labor EconomicsThe Long-run Effect of Financialization and Minimum Wage on Inequality, Investment, and Growth : Panel Cointegration ApproachKeun Lee (이근)
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