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Job Market Candidates

2018. 08. Ph. D Candidate

NameFields of InterestTitle of Job Market PaperAdvisor
Changmin Kang (강창민)Analysis on Three-part Tariff Competition in DuopolyIn Ho Lee (이인호)
EunJu Hyun (현은주)한국의 실질 소득 불평등 수준과 세대 간 소득이동성 연구Bonggeun Kim (김봉근)
Jeonghun Choi (최정훈)Macro and Monetary EconomicsAnalysis of Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies in East Asia : A Bayesian Approach Based on Open Economy DSGE ModelsSoyoung Kim (김소영)
Jongho Lee (이종호)Economics of technology, Applied microeconomics, Industrial organizationVarieties of National Innovation Systems and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from the US patents dataKeun Lee (이근)
OLIVIA KIM (김미경)Transition economics, Labor economics, Applied microeconomicsIncome shocks and coping strategies of Russian householdsByung-Yeon Kim (김병연)
SANG JIN LEE (이상진)Financial Regulation, Monetary Policy, Risk Management보험회사 지급여력규제에 대한 연구Soyoung Kim (김소영)
Sumi Na (나수미)Economic Analysis of Corporate PhilanthropyKeunkwan Ryu (류근관)
Younghwan Lee (이영환)Essays on empirical and computational analysis of limited attentionSyngjoo Choi (최승주)
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