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[기타] 오쿠이 료(Okui Ryo) 교수님 RA모집

2019-05-08l 조회수 760

오쿠이 료(Okui Ryo) 교수님 RA를 아래와 같이 모집합니다.
- 연구기간 : 현재 ~ 2020년 3월
- 업무내용 : STATA 코딩 및 프로그래밍
- 급여 : 월 50만원
- 요구사항
 1. STATA에 능숙한 자 및 MATA 이용가능 자
       (MATA에 대해 모르더라도 충분한 교육시간이 주어짐. 교육시간도 업무로 포함함)
 2. Okui Ryo 교수님 논문을 읽을 수 있는 자
- 자세한 업무 업무 등에 관한 문의는 로 연락주십시요.
Ryo Okui, associate professor at the department of economics, is inviting applications for one research assistant (RA) position.
Job description:
Coding and programming.
Okui is preparing a STATA package for statistical procedures he and his collaborators developed. The package will be written in the STATA programming language and MATA. The RA will work about 6 hours per week and will receive 500,000KRW per month.
 1. Statistical programming skills. Experience in STATA and MATA is plus. A few months of training in MATA can be offered if the RA is familiar with programming but no with MATA. The training period will be counted as a part of the working period.
 2. Ability to understand theoretical econometrics papers. It is import to have an ability to follow implementation parts of papers. It is not necessary to follow asymptotic theory parts of papers.

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