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[기타] 게임이론 전공 석박사 모집

2019-11-04l 조회수 653

연구 보조해주실 게임이론 전공 석박사생분을 모집합니다.

  • 업무내용: 정치외교학부 이나경 교수님 연구(“Why Arbitrate?: The Role of the State in Investor-State Arbitration”)에서 모델링을 도와주실 게임 이론 공부하시는 경제학부 석사/박사분을 찾고 있습니다. 왜 기업들이 투자자-국가 분쟁 해결 절차(Investor state dispute settlement, ISDS)를 사용하는지에 대한 연구로 초록을 첨부합니다. 관심있으신 분은 아래 메일로 CV나 간단한 자기소개 메일 보내주시면 감사하겠습니다.
  • 요건: 게임 이론 모델링에 능숙하신 분
  • Abstract: 

Investor-state arbitration (ISDS) enforces the protection of property rights globally by allowing investors to sue foreign governments directly for expropriation in arbitral tribunals. While ISDS is useful for all multi-national corporations, we observe disparity of ISDS usage by investor nationality. Understanding this variation is important as the effectiveness of ISDS as an international court depends on investor’s willingness to challenge violations at the venue. In this paper, I use a novel data on infrastructure investment from 1990-2013 and find that when a home state holds close ties with its own firms and with the host state, an investor has less need to resort to formal ISDS because the home state is more willing and better able to prevent expropriation and reach an informal settlement on behalf of the investor. This study suggests that ISDS is a useful tool for investors without much political leverage in the host country. 


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