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18May, 2018

The neural and behavioral control of automaticity: individual differences and the neural bases of surmounting Pavlovian learning bias 13:00 ~ 14:30 | Building #101 Room #512 Asia Center [101동(아시아연구소 ) 512호 ]

Ahn, Woo Young (Assistant Professor, Seoul National University Department of Psychology)
21Jul, 2017

Dynamic Bargaining and Coase Conjecture 09:30 ~ 12:30 | Building #101, room 512 (아시아센터 512호)

DongKyu Chang (City University of Hong Kong)
26May, 2017

Can Prosocial Behaviors Be Nurtured? Experimental Evidence from the Scholarship Program Reform by Korea University 12:00 ~ 14:00 | 아시아연구소(101동) 512호

심승규 교수님 (University of Tokyo)
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