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“New start at the new site!”

Greetings from the Department Chair

Professor Sang-Seung Yi, Chair of the Economics Department

The Seoul National University Department of Economics was established in 1946 at the College of Commerce with the new kick-off of the Seoul National University following liberation of Korea from the Japanese colonial rule. In 1959, the Department of International Trade was set up as a separate department at the Commerce College. In 1975, when the Seoul National University moved to the current location and the College of Commerce got disintegrated in 1975, the Department of Economics and the Department of International Trade found their new home at the College of Social Sciences whereas the Department of Business Administration branched out as a separate College of Business Administration. In 1985, the Department of International Trade changed its name to the Department of International Economics. In 1995, the Department of Economics and the Department of International Economics merged into the current Economics Department.

For more than half a century, our Economics Department is well-known for excellence of its teaching, advising, and faculty research, with a strong reputation for producing real world economists as well as academic ones. Our graduates have been hired at many leading economic institutions including government, financial institutions, corporate firms, legal sectors, and universities and research institutions all over the world. Our Economics Department has played a major role throughout Korea’s miraculous economic growth by importing modern economic principles into Korea, applying/developing and customizing the economic principles to help Korea develop, producing economic researchers and policy makers, sending graduates abroad, strengthening own research basis, and networking with premier research institutions worldwide. In 2016, QS ranked our economics department within top 30s in the world.

The Economic Department has 38 faculty members who teach and conduct research in the areas such as economic theory, applied microeconomics, theoretical and applied econometrics, behavioral and experimental economics, industrial organizations, development, economic history, finance, international finance, public choice, international economics and trade, labor, macroeconomics, monetary economics, game theory, information economics, transition economics, theory of economic thoughts, health and population.

The Economics Department offers B.A. in Economics for undergraduate students and both M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics for graduate students. The Institute of Economic Research, sister institute of the Economics Department, is home to the Seoul Journal of Economics (in English), and to the Economic Journal (in Korean). As of January 2017, the Economics Department has 1,184 undergraduate enrollments, 148 graduate enrollments in M.A. program, and 73 graduate enrollments in the Ph.D. program.

Our Economics Department and the Institute of Economic Research are scheduled to move to a new building on the current Gwanak campus as early as Fall 2018 to which all of our economics faculty, staffs, students, and alumni are much looking forward. “New start at the new site!” Thank you for your interest in and support for the Economics Department and the Institute of Economic Research.

Sang-Seung Yi
Professor and Chair of the Economics Department

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