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Student Activities

Ecoplus FC

Representing the Department of Economics, Ecoplus FC is a football club that anyone can join. Participate in weekly training sessions held in a pleasant atmosphere and improve your football skills. Ecoplus is a place to get along with students from variety of majors and classes. Listed below are our major achievements in the past few years:

- SNU-League Champions (season 2014)
- SNU-League 3rd Place & 2nd Place in Playoffs
- Four Successive Finals and Two Championship Cups(2013/2014) in the Nationwide Economy Football Association Cup (EFA Cup)
- Semi-Finalist of the SNU Athletics Competition Cup

Law and Economics Society

We are interested in “Law and Economics” and “Korean Fair Trade Commission”. To promote a deep understanding that goes beyond mere interest, we conduct law and economics seminars with Korean Fair Trade Commission Resolutions, judicial precedents, and academic articles. Through our seminars, we strive to understand the fundamental concepts of antitrust laws. In addition, we participate in the 'Mock FTC Competition' organized by the Fair Trade Commission. In the process of preparing for the ‘Mock FTC competition’, we resolve concern widely shared by undergraduate students - the gap between theory and practice. Also we conduct joint seminars with Tsinghua University and Waseda University, and hold homecoming days with alumnis.


Hello, we are Rationales, the baseball club of SNU Economics.
Rationales is affiliated with the Department of Economics, but any member of SNU can join us to play baseball. In Rationales you can meet a diverse range of people, from professors to freshmen, from many different majors.
We hold morning practice sessions each week prepare for SNU League and various tournaments. SNU League is the only baseball league in Seoul National University. Almost 30 teams compete for victory in the league. Every year, we rent an outdoor ball park, go on trips, and play baseball between ourselves. Even if you have never played baseball, don’t worry about joining us. We love to teach you the basics. Someday, you will be able to hit a homerun, make wonderful play, and strike a batter out. Join the Rationales, let’s play ball together!

SNU Economic Review

The SNU Economic Review is a student organization the aims to promote knowledge of economics, stay connected to current economic issues, and share this knowledge with others. We issue an economic magazine twice a year, one in each semester. The magazine covers broad economic trends and important economic issues of the last 6 months and is distributed free of charge around the campus. We also hold morning briefing sessions on ongoing economic issues four times a week, and hold two regular seminars to discuss these issues in detail.

SNU Financial and Economics Research Seminar

SFERS focuses on conducting and presenting independent research. By holding two regular seminars each semester, we aim to understand how economics works in the real world. Furthermore, to broaden our views, we provide programs such as career mentoring, alumni association, homecoming day, and joint seminars with universities in different countries. Academic work, sports events, excursions, and team-building provide excellent opportunities to build friendship between SFERS members. SFERS is waiting for YOU. Are you interested in Economics? That's more than enough. Let's dive in!


SNUVALUE was founded in 2008 as an investment club that aims to achieve outstanding returns through solid logic and at the same time improve individual investment skills.
SNUVALUE actually practices value investing. Our members are required to open stock accounts and buy stocks that they find attractive. Because we actually trade the stocks we study, we are very passionate about our work.
Our main activity is our regular sessions, where we make presentations on companies that we have individually analyzed and exchange feedbacks. In addition, we have social outings after sessions, Membership Trainings, Homecoming Days, and other activities for our members to get to know each other. As a cohesive club, we are always ready to welcome new members to SNUVALUE.


The Supporters aim to promote interaction and friendship among students of the Department of Economics. Every year, we host events such as Teacher's Day and Student's Night to foster closer relationships between professors and students. We also organize activities for the students’ convenience, such as textbook rental services. We will continue to communicate with members of the Department of Economics, and do our best to enrich campus life. 

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