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Current Faculty

Dmitry Shapiro


Dmitry Shapiro (드미트리 샤피로)

Selected Publication

  • An Experimental Study of Alternative Campaign Finance Systems: Transparency, Donations and Policy Choices (with Hanming Fang and Artie Zillante). Economic Inquiry. 2016.
  • Microfinance and Dynamic Incentives. Journal of Development Economics. 2015.
  • Dividends as Signaling Device and the Disappearing Dividend Puzzle (with Anan Zhuang). Journal of Economics and Business. 2015.
  • Level-k Reasoning in Generalized Beauty Contest Games (with Xianwen Shi and Artie Zillante). Games and Economic Behavior. 2014.
  • Profitability of Name Your Own Price Mechanisms in the Case of Risk-Averse Buyers. Marketing Science. 2011.
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