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Cash Transfers and Formal Labor Markets: Evidence from Brazil

Date: Wednesday, Oct 5, 2022, 16:30 ~ 17:45
Speaker: Joana Naritomi (LSE)
Location: Zoom을 통한 비대면 세미나
Joana Naritomi 교수님의 세미나가 있을 예정입니다. 

* 주관: 서울대학교 경제학부, 경제연구소 한국경제혁신센터, SSK, BK21

* 본 세미나는 졸업요건(2022-2학기) 및 BK21+(2022-2학기) 세미나 참석으로 인정됩니다.

세미나 참석인정을 원하는 학생은 세미나 참석 시 학번_성함 으로 들어와주시길 바랍니다. (2021_11111 홍길동)
* ZOOM link : (회의 아이디 : 935 659 6776, 암호: 9679)

Abstract: Cash transfer programs have expanded widely in developing countries and have been credited for sizable reductions in poverty. However, their potential disincentive
effects on beneficiaries’ labor supply have spurred a heated policy debate. This paper studies the impact of a large-scale program (Bolsa Familia in Brazil) on local labor
markets in a context where such concerns could be particularly strong: eligibility is means-tested and we focus on the formal labor market, where earnings are more easily verifiable. Yet, we find that an expansion of Bolsa Familia increased local formal employment, using variation in the size of the reform across municipalities. The evidence is consistent with multiplier effects of cash transfers in the local economy, which dominate potential negative effects on formal labor supply among beneficiaries.
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