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Meta-Analytic Experiment on the Contact Hypothesis

Date: Friday, Mar 15, 2024, 10:00 ~ 11:30
Speaker: Gwen-Jiro Clochard (Osaka University)
Location: Zoom을 통한 온라인 세미나
Abstract: For decades, intergroup contact has been considered one of the main tools for reducing prejudice and improving intergroup relations. This paper reviews the experimental literature on the contact hypothesis. The analysis is based on 139 outcomes from 44 papers, involving more than 25,000 people on almost every continent. The main finding is that contact interventions are effective in reducing prejudice, with typically moderate magnitudes, and few instances of backlash. However, several worrying signs of publication bias are identified. Furthermore, an online experiment highlights considerable diversity in contact interventions. Surprisingly, the common goal condition, often emphasized in literature, shows a negative correlation with effect sizes. Lastly, a lasso estimation is employed to discern determinants of effects, revealing limited explanatory power. These findings hold significant implications for the future trajectory of intergroup contact research.

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